Speech and Personality Development

Speech and personality development are one of the most important aspects of an individual especially during his/her formative years. Developing and enhancing our communication and speech helps us to be better presenters of our ideas. At the same time, personality development is a means and a method that helps us to develop our persona such that we can become better, smarter and brighter individuals. Everyone loves personalities that are attractive, intelligent, smart and witty. This cannot be achieved overnight. One needs to work towards ones personality so that one can become more acceptable in society such that one can fulfill our need of being wanted by our near and dear ones.

Speech and Personality Development Each and every individual in our society has a distinct personality. This personality needs to be enhanced and groomed with the help of speech and personality development. There are many workshops, courses and classes that are available for developing ones personality and improving ones speech. While one can join the same, it is important to understand that the results may not be immediate. One can keep the following tips in mind which can help one to develop his/her speech or his/her communication skills and/or personality.

One should always be a good reader to become a good orator and hence if you are not into reading, start developing this habit. Read newspapers, books, novels or anything that one may like in the initial days. One thing to keep in mind is to read aloud. By reading aloud you not only develop your speech but also improve your confidence. In case there are certain words that one does not know how to pronounce, take help of the internet and learn the pronunciation of those words. One can also learn a new language to develop your speech and in turn give powerful speeches. If you are in a college, participate in debates and elocution competitions. Take help from your seniors.

To develop your personality you need to first develop your inner self and then concentrate on your outer self. This means that one needs to first develop ones mind and soul and then work on your physical appearance. To do this, one can try yoga and meditation so that inner peace is achieved. Think positive and be cheerful and this will automatically reflect on your outer self. Bring about some change in your outer appearance like getting a new hair cut, changing ones wardrobe, eating right to get that glow on your skin and last but not the least wearing a smile – always. No one wants to meet a dull and a negative person. A joyful and a positive person will always be welcomed everywhere.

These things may not be a part of your educational curriculum but they are equally important because in today’s competitive scenario, your first impression is often your last impression and to make that first impression you need to dress right and talk right and hence the need for speech and personality development. So the next time you go for an interview or even casually meet up your friends, remember to keep the above mentioned tips in mind.