Personality Analysis

Personality analysis.- What’s’ you personality type?

Personalities can be analyzed based on personality traits and the core of one’s personality. Yes, it is a given that personality development adds galore and freshness to the existing personality, also making it a whirlwind of positive attributes. But the inherent personality type is something that is distinct and unique to each person. Though if a personality type, inherent as it may be, can be altered if it is a difficult and negative one.

Personality analyzed is half the battle won: By understanding the types of personalities one can analyze their own personalities better by knowing which category their personality falls under: by understanding their personality type.

There are broad categories which further can be distinguished into sixteen types of personality, which are the combinations and permutations of the below listed categories or umbrellas of personality types.

A person is either primarily Extraverted or Introverted

A person is either primarily Sensing or intuitive

A person is either primarily Thinking or Feeling

A person is either primarily Judging or Perceiving

Examples of the above stated categories or generalizations are:

  1. When one talks to someone and makes a conversation and effort, she or he is being extraverted; when someone is reading or keeping to themselves, he or she is being introverted.
  2. When someone is noticing a new dress on the window display, that person in sensing; when someone is thinking of a new idea or approach, they are intuiting.
  3. When someone does not buy a black and green coloured top, because she already has one of that colour combination, she is thinking; when that same girl goes out and feels the urge to buy something just because she likes it, she is feeling.
  4. When someone makes a plan for next week, they are being in the judging category of personality type; when that same someone is doing something on the spur of the moment, he or she is using perceiving at that point.

These are generalized personality examples and categorically listed personality types. There is many a personality type in details that can be discussed, which are formations, made out of these broader categories, listed above. It is interesting and a good insight by identifying you personality type, if you have not yet done so. Jump start your day and week, by knowing which category of personality you fall within and it can be really revealing of facts about you and you might find yourself loving it!