Influences on Personality Development

Personality Development Our personalities are developed over the course of our lives and shaped by events that influence out behavior and attitudes. Personality development starts from the moment we are born and our resultant personality is shaped by what happens to us. Even if we don’t register the event on a conscious level, our subconscious is making little footnotes about how the event has had an effect on us. While what effect any certain event has on us is a contentious issue in regards to psychoanalytic theory – the basic crux of the idea remains the same. Which is, we are a by product of our own experiences.

A perfect example is how we react to people in general after becoming the victim of any form of abuse. If the abuse was done as a random act while you are walking down the street – those with a poor mental constitution may find themselves unable to walk down the street in comfort. It may take years of therapy and medication to overcome this fear of public places and it can be directly attributed to events that have happened to the victim in the past. Personality development can take a seemingly random event and magnify in the mind’s eye to exuberant proportions.

Personality development is the bane of the human mind set. Whilst there are positives from the resultant effect generated by the good done to us – it is easier for the bad to be forthright in exposing us to undue effects as they occur on the mental stage in our minds. Events that shake us can have a profound physical effect as well. Anxiety that is caused due to our psychological makeup can manifest itself in physical symptoms such as stress headaches, profuse sweating, shakes and an upset stomach. Children who are put through undue stress will find it harder to develop into (mentally) healthy adults.