Body Language Denoting Personality Development

Personality Development Your body language tells a lot about how you feel and how you react to certain situations. Your personality development is somewhat dependent on how you will portray yourself to those around you. You might feel like you have a firm grasp of your own reality or what makes you tick, but your body language might let you down in this regard. Your body language takes its cues from your subconscious. If your subconscious is programmed to act in a specific way but you are trying to hide how you really feel through conscious expressions then you are lying to yourself if you assume that you aren’t being read like a book.

Personality development can change how you feel about having to undertake certain tasks. If your significant other wants you go and visit the family over the weekend when you were looking forward to sitting down and watching the sport on television and you relent and go with her – then you will have lied to yourself in saying that you were happy to go. You are likely to have a fairly horrible attitude over the weekend because of it too. You won’t want to be there and your body language will show it. Your significant other is likely to get upset and arguments will follow.

Try and let people know how you really feel. Your personality development is reliant on you being honest with you. It also means that you can then be honest (by showing conviction for what you are saying through your body language) with others. You might be able to say one thing with a straight face while looking someone in the eye and consider it truth, but if your subconscious is squirming then your body language will let you down. You can start by working on your personality development in order to say how you really feel.